Local Nursing Contracts: A Guide for Clinicians Seeking Career Flexibility

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For many, nursing is a calling, but for some clinicians, long hours in the same facility, day after day can lead to a serious need for change. Clinicians who love a good adventure may find the thought of traveling around the country for months on end an appealing solution. But if you’re more of a homebody or have commitments requiring you to stay near home, you might wonder: Is there a best of both worlds?  

The short answer—yes! Local contracts let you experience the flexibility of travel nursing while remaining closer to home.  

What are local nursing contracts? 

Local contract nurses usually work in healthcare facilities nearby, within 50 miles of their permanent address. With local contracts, temporary nurses are brought in to help facilities with understaffing or to fill scheduling gaps. Most travel nurse agencies, like Medical Solutions, hire local contract clinicians as W2 employees, so they still receive full benefits and incentives.  

While there are a few differences between local contract clinicians and travel nursing, there are many reasons local might be the perfect fit for you:  

  • You want to “test the waters” before committing to long-distance travel contracts.  
  • You’re in between jobs or are looking for some supplemental income. 
  • You have family commitments and would like to stay closer to home. 
  • You’re looking to ease out of full-time nursing with contract work. 
  • You’re seeking more flexibility in your career.  

When choosing between local contracts or long-distance travel contracts, it’s helpful to understand the benefits available to ensure all your boxes are ticked. Here are some advantages to consider when exploring local contracts: 

A Work Schedule that Suits Your Lifestyle 

Work at your own pace! Local contracts empower you to work on your terms—be it a 13-week contract followed by a 3-week break or 6 months of contracts followed by 6 months off. This type of gig work allows you to craft a career that works for you, not vice versa.  

Grow Your Clinical Skills at New Facilities 

Each new assignment is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Expand your skill sets by adapting to different facilities and acuity levels, from nonprofits to community hospitals. Challenge yourself to learn new technologies, enhance your communication skills, and grow both clinically and personally. 

Work Where Help is Needed Most in Your Community 

Local contracts allow you to answer the call to care in different facilities across your community. You could be a fresh face for the community health clinic across town or provide much-needed help at an understaffed hospital around the corner. Every assignment is a chance to make a meaningful impact on patients at facilities in your community. 

No Long-Term Commitment 

Local contracts mean less commitment, allowing you to test different work environments without long-term obligations. This may mean more time off to pursue a degree or new certification or to dedicate to friends, family, and loved ones. The flexible nature of local contracts allows you to pursue goals and passions between assignments without putting your career on hold. 

Stay Close to Home 

If you’ve found your dream home or built strong connections with friends and family, the idea of starting over in a new city might feel daunting. For those with children or older family members nearby, local contracts are a great way to embrace career flexibility without sacrificing stability. 

If you’re drawn to the independence, excitement, and flexible rewards of travel nursing but the thought of parting from home doesn’t sit well, consider exploring local contract opportunities! Browse local contract opportunities here or connect with us at Medical Solutions to take your career to the next level!