4 Ways Travel Nurses Can Keep Their Energy Up

Travel Nursing

Woman with two coffees
I’ll Take Two!: Coffee can be a Travel Nurse’s best friend when it come to re-energizing.

To state the utterly obvious, nursing is exhausting work! And, as a Travel Nurse, you’re often just as on the go on your days off — out exploring the world and all the cool stuff to see and do around your current location. So how can a Travel Nurse keep his or energy up with everything they’ve got going on, both on and off the job?

Here are 4 ways Travel Nurses can keep their energy up:

Eat Right

I know it’s hard when you’re so busy, but try to make time to eat right and you’ll notice a payoff when it comes to your energy levels. Your body needs fuel to run, just like a car. And if you don’t eat enough or give it the right nutrition, that’s like putting sugar in the gas tank, so to speak. Think nuts — walnuts or almonds are great, whole grains, and protein. Also, don’t skip meals and make sure you get plenty of water to stay properly hydrated!


I know you get plenty of exercise walking around on the job, but dedicate some time for yourself to exercise that’s just about you. It sounds counterintuitive when all you want to do is crash on the couch, but exercise is proven to help maintain overall energy levels. And it’s great mental exercise to be able to move your body when your brain isn’t focused on patient care. It’s a great time to take stock of your life or let your mind w and er — it can be almost meditative. Whether you hit the gym, trail, or just take a stroll around your neighborhood, we promise you’ll feel better!


Tell me something I don’t know! Right? Most nurses have a close personal relationship with their java. Plus, every other study that comes out says coffee is good for your health. So, you’ve got about a 50/50 chance that you’re benefitting your health while also reviving yourself to take on the day (or night)! Can’t drink coffee? Try green tea. Most varieties have a lighter dose of caffeine and it’s a great option for those who are sensitive to coffee.

Chat With a Friend

Whether by phone, Skype, or in person, connecting with a friend is a great way to energize your mind and spirit — which also has a physical impact. Get in touch with someone you love, have a laugh, and catch up. Just connecting with someone else who gets you can be a real boon for your energy levels. No frenemies or toxic people — that will only backfire.

Do you have anything else to add to our list of 4 ways Travel Nurses can keep their energy up? Please share anything that works well for you in the comments!

Sarah Wengert is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.