5 Top Nursing Jobs for the Adventurous Travelers

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5 nursing jobs for the adventurous travelersNursing is rarely boring, no matter what the setting. On the other h and , some nursing jobs hold more adventure than the average person will get in a lifetime. The five nursing jobs below may scare you, or they may prompt you to clean up your resume – or complete your RN!

Nursing for Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders is an amazing organization that works around the world to help victims of civil wars, natural disasters and epidemics in countries where medical infrastructure might not exist. The organization needs selfless nurses to work in clinics, operating rooms, and in the field. Work can range from vaccinating during disease outbreaks to administering care to people with bullet and bomb wounds from a war. This is one nursing career where you must not be concerned with luxuries – or even high pay. You may spend more time in a tent on a cot than in a walled bedroom on a mattress!

Travel Nursing in Alaska

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but Alaska doesn’t even deal in big – it goes straight to huge! If you like outdoor adventure and gr and vistas, a traveling nurse job in Alaska will knock your socks off. The major cities are similar to those in the lower 48, but they’re surrounded by millions of acres of wilderness. Travel nurses can expect to make very high salaries, partially because of the high cost of living. Terms are for 3 to 6 months, and the amount of adventure you can have in between working is limited only by your stamina.

Oil Rig Nurse

On an oil rig, your closest friend may be grimy, sweaty – or a pelican. But, you’ll literally be your own boss, as you mind the health of the entire crew on the rig. You’ll work 3-6 months on and a similar period off duty, and you’ll be rewarded with excellent pay. Your job will include everything an RN might be expected to do in several different jobs – deal with trauma, diagnose illnesses, administer medication – all rolled into one. When you get a breather, you’ll look out at miles and miles of rolling waves. Oh, and your meals are provided, while you’ll never have to do your own laundry.

Cruise Ship Nurse

Every time a cruise ship leaves port, she takes a small town’s worth of people along. So, cruise ship nurses are likely to see anything that might see in a clinic, ER, or hospital. You’ll treat sunburns, hangovers and more serious illnesses – while you travel from gorgeous destination to the next. Your pay will be good, but your time off is limited by cruise schedules.

Flight Nurse

I can’t think of a more fast-paced nursing job than flight nurse. Imagine what an EMT goes through in the back of an ambulance – but you’ll do that while moving at hundreds of miles per hour. Flight nurses work directly with doctors, paramedics and first responders to stabilize and maintain patients during transport to hospitals. The stress levels are high, but the reward of helping a patient fighting for life is an awesome experience.

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