How do I find the best travel nursing companies to work for?

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A friend and I are looking to begin travel nursing. We each have 2 years of experience and are looking for the best companies to work with. Money is not the most important thing, but just the idea that they will be there for us and care, and housing is important. We are also wondering if jobs for each of us will always be provided. Any names of good companies that you could recommend?

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

It is certainly not the first time someone has wondered where to start as far as travel companies. There is no “best company to work for”, only the company that best suits your needs.

As far as traveling philosophies, I think you are starting wise. So many travelers concentrate on making the most money they can and go with the company that looks most enticing monetary wise. However, many of these companies show their true nature with very poor customer service when anything goes awry.

Looking for a solid “all around” company is always your best bet. When I say “all around”, I mean one that offers a decent rate, comparable benefits, and will st and by you should anything occur while on assignment. To find out which companies fit this bill, you need to talk to other travelers or spend some time in any of the online forums devoted to travel nursing. So many people want a quick solution to the question of which company to select for travel, but again, one company will not suit the needs of every traveler.

However, I can give you a starting place for a few solid companies to check out. The first would be the one who runs the website to which you have posted your question. While I have never taken an assignment with Medical Solutions, I have read many positive things about them in the forums. They are also a privately owned company which I favor over the corporate giants. Another solid company, which I have worked with in the past, is RN Network. They have had my back on a few dicey situations while on assignment including two contract cancellations. I have also always been pleased with their housing arrangements.

A few other names also ring out including Trinity Healthcare and Cirrus Medical Staffing. I also have recruiters at these companies that have helped me get others started in travel nursing should you prefer a name to contact rather than just a company (can email me at should you wish to go this route).

Finally, I would suggest signing up with at least a few of these companies. While they will do the best to always keep you working, no company out there can promise to keep you working 100% of the time. Once I find a good company, I am loyal to them up to a point. If they can get me to the location I want (the most important factor for me), them I give them every chance to find me an assignment. However, sometimes that is just not possible and where one company cannot place you, another company may have the perfect contract that suits your needs.

I would also be remiss if I did not at least mention my book since it was written for nurses like yourselves just starting out in travel. You can see what it covers at I hope this helps and feel free to email me should you have any other questions.

David Morrison

David Morrison R.N. is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.