Car Essentials Checklist for Your Travel Nursing Road Trip

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How to prepare your car before you leave on your travel nursing assignment
Routine monthly check-ups under the hood will do wonders for the life of your automobile.

If you’ve decided to road trip to your spring assignment, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared in case of any car emergencies.  There are a few “must haves” that you should always have with you, especially if you’re traveling alone.

Car Emergency Essentials:

Flashlight. Vital for after-dark roadside repairs, emergency signaling, map reading or (if you must) walking in the dark.

Empty gas can. A one gallon can will be plenty to get your car to the nearest gas station. However, never keep a filled gas can in your car- you’re still going to have to walk to get the gas.

Compact Car-battery charger. Yes, jumper cables can be h and y too, but that would require you finding someone to help. With a compact battery charger, you’ll only need to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter/power adapter.

Aerosol tire inflator. Plug a small hole or a leak long enough to get to a service station. Be sure the product doesn’t contain flammable gases, such as butane, propane, and isobutene.

Reflecting triangles. When your car breaks down or you pull over for a repair, these will make yourself visible and warn off other drivers.

Window Scraper. If you’re traveling with to or through a location with cold weather and potential for snow and ice, this is a must. Be sure to invest in a decent quality one. Many of the cheaper/smaller ones easily break.

First-aid kit. This is an obvious. Use to help yourself or others.

A spare tire. And a jack. Most cars should have a temporary tire in the trunk, but be sure to check. Also, it might be a good idea to have a lesson on changing a tire.

Gloves. For changing tires or making any necessary repairs.

Also, it’s a really good idea to have your car serviced before you take off on your next adventure. Actually, every new assignment you should have an oil change and a check-up to prevent any unnecessary situations that would leave you alone on a dark highway.