Take the Family With You on Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment.

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Relocating the family with you on your next travel nursing assignmentAnything is possible with a travel nursing career and taking the family with you can easily be a part of it. The locations are endless, the experiences are boundless and the rewards immeasurable. At first it may seem like taking everyone with you including Fido can be quite the task, but if you work with a attentive agency they will know what will work for you and your family. Often times these travel nurse agencies will ask you what is important as far as accommodations, pay, location, etc… And most of all, what are the needs of your family. Taking the whole family can be a great experience for all.

Wherever you choose to go with your travel nursing career, a good agency will find you what fits according to all your specifications. If you want to stay close to home and leave the family behind while you work, you can do that. This will allow you to come home over the weekends or whenever you have a break. Or, if you want to take everyone across the country and stay with you there, they can do that too! One great big benefit of being a travel nurse is the paid housing and for a little more, additional rooms can be provided for the family. You also have the choice of the housing stipend which allows you to choose your own place to stay or you can just use the money however you want and live in you self provided accommodations.

While most travel nursing assignments typically last 13 weeks with the great possibility of extensions it can be fairly easy to bring everyone in your family. If on an extended assignment the children can be placed in schools in the local community or if the stay is shorter in length, home schooling is also an option. If you and your spouse are both travel nurses, schedules can be made so that a parent is always present and can provide the teaching or at least be the transportation. There’s always an option. Just because you have kids does not mean you cannot enjoy the successes that come along with being a traveling nurse.

Imagine all the different places your kids can see and all the different people and cultures they too can be exposed to. Together you can make your next traveling nurse assignment unforgettable, it’s sort of like a working vacation. I remember all the road trips my dad I took together and can say it was most memorable and am glad we got to be up close and personal with our experiences rather than just hopping on a plane and getting to the next destination. There’s a little lost in those types of adventures. Wouldn’t you like your children to look back and think that they’ve grown into the person they are because of all the people and places they got to meet and see for themselves? I think so.

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