Is it Hard to Get Your First Assignment as a Travel Nurse?

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Many first time travelers think having “traveler” experience is important to getting the assignments they want. But, how do you get experience if you can’t find an assignment? Sounds like a Catch 22.

Although you’re not new to the nursing world and have had a few years of clinical experience, many hospitals in coveted locations are looking for nurses that have travel experience. So… how do you get around this?

The answer may not appease you at first, but in the long run will make you a more skilled and experience travel nurse. The answer is Be Flexible. The first few assignments are most likely not going to be located in your dream city. But not to fret, assignments are only 13 weeks in duration.  By the time you complete your first couple assignments, you’ll have the rest of the year to take assignments in places you actually want to go.

Being flexible will also make you look like a better employee to the recruiter and will help keep you in their favor.  This is a good place to be considering they choose which travelers to present to hospitals first.

Think of your first few assignments as an investment in your travel nurse career. Although they might not be ideal, they will be the stepping stones to help you get you to where you want to go.

Jeannie Holmes is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.