Meeting New People as a Travel Nurse

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Being a travel nurse means you have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends all over the United States. Making new friends is one of life’s richest pleasures and is a fun and easy way to interact with others while at your workplace or during your free time. Take some time and try out some of these ideas to help you meet new people, whether a new co-worker or a new neighbor.

Why you should meet new people

Because you are a dedicated travel nurse we know it can be difficult for you to find time for yourself, let alone meeting others. However, whether you have one minute or one hour, you should take some time to say hello and introduce yourself to new people. Doing this is the first step towards feeling connected to your new community and co-workers. Meeting new people helps you enjoy activities, can bring positive opportunities into your personal and professional life, gives you the sense of support through difficult times, and contributes to your experience when you have something to celebrate. Meeting new people also helps you get involved, share things with others, and connect with people at work.

How to meet new people

Everyone has different personalities with different strengths and weaknesses, and you may feel comfortable or uncomfortable taking the initiative towards meeting new people. Keep in mind that the other person probably feels the same way you do. While at work it may be a challenge to converse with co-workers while taking on an important role attending to others and fulfilling your role as a nurse, but asking others for their opinion or letting them know you are new to the workplace is a great way to break the ice. During your lunch break, try having lunch with a group of people; this will help increase your opportunity to meet people through others and connect with your co-workers in a non-working environment. It may be tough at first meeting a group of new people, but half the battle is having enough confidence. It will help to just be you. By taking the first step you could be beginning a new lifelong friendship. Here are some sites giving you more ideas on how to meet new people:

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Where to meet new people

When you have time to spare outside of work, try attending a variety of events such as: sporting events, concerts, art shows, theatrical productions, special interest groups, or joining a book club. Letting your new neighbors know that you are new to the area is a good way to strike up a conversation with the people in your neighborhood. Other ways to meet new people include: going to a coffee shop where the environment is relaxing and friendly; going to a bookstore where you can meet new people with the same interests; and shopping where you can interact with others with similar hobbies. Here are some sites that will give you more ideas on where to meet new people:

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A few last tips to help you meet new people

  • When you meet someone for the first time it is important to be yourself. Being true to who you are is the most important thing and will show others your true character.
  • Have a positive attitude. When you have an attitude that is accepting and you behave like you believe you will find you’ll get a better response from those that are around you.
  • Be natural. When you force a smile it looks unnatural, but when you act natural it is more comfortable and inviting to others.