What advice do you have for travel nursing in Hawaii?

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Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

I just signed a 3 month contract at Maui Memorial. Wondering if you have traveled to Hawaii and could give me some tips. Like what to bring and cheap rental car places. Thanks.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

If you are working in ICU or see anyone from the unit, please tell them I said hello. There is not a lot of turn -over in regular staff and I have spent three assignments and a little over two years in total living on the island .

Bring whatever you can fit into what they will allow you to take on the plane. If you have something special like SCUBA gear or golf clubs, that stuff can always be mailed to you.

You need to find out where you will be staying. Most likely Kihei (closer) or Lahaina (further). You probably do not want to stay over in Wailuku (where the hospital is located), because that is the industrial side of the island and not very touristy.

However, that will mean that you need a car. You can try the big names at the airport like Enterprise or Hertz and ask what they can offer you for monthly rates. Be prepared for something like $600/month or more (Maui is beautiful, but NOT cheap). Or you can try looking up smaller rental car companies on the isl and and see what they can offer you.

The first time I was there, I actually bought a car for $1000 and sold it for $400 when I left. You can also consider shipping your vehicle which is about $1000 each way from California (the best option if you stay for 6+ months at a time like I do). You can also rent a car only on days that you need one (to get to work or go sight seeing), but that is a hassle.

First, find out where you are staying (to determine how often you must have a car) and then make some calls to rental car places. Research the isl and a bit to see what things you want to experience while you are there.

Feel free to contact me again when you have some more info or other questions along the way.