Ask a Travel Nurse: Contacting company’s housing dept?

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tavel nurse setting up her own housingAsk a Travel Nurse Question:

Before I apply with a staffing company, how do I get a hold of the housing dept through email?


Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

Unless the travel company has contact information on their website, you will just have to call and ask to speak with someone in their housing department. The receptionist will likely not have just a “general email” that she can give to you for their housing department. She would need to give out the name of someone in the housing department and different members of their staff may h and le different aspects of housing, so you may need to elaborate on what it is you need.

Usually, if you call and ask to speak with a certain department, they will probably assume you are already on file with them and will put you right through. If not, simply explain what you need and see if they can get you to the right place.

However, might I suggest going in with a little less covert nature? My first response to your question was, “Why do you need an email for the housing department of a company for which you do not work?” and it’s not even my job to be asking such questions. So don’t be put off if someone might want a little more information when you call in. Communication is key and generally speaking most people you talk to will want to help you.


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