Travel Nurse Tech: 5 Great Apps for Travel Nurses

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Sometimes it’s hard to remember life before there was “an app for that.” The h and y-d and y world of smartphone and tablets applications is still relatively new, yet we’ve quickly become accustomed to relying on helpful apps to make our lives run smoother and better. A travel nurse can benefit from a variety of apps whether relating specifically to the clinical world or to keeping an on-the-go personal life in check.

Many apps out there can enrich a travel nurse’s life, both on and off the job. Here are our top 5 great apps for travel nurses this month:

  • Medscape — This free app keeps you up to date on all the latest news from the world of medicine and healthcare. You can also use this app to research and refresh yourself on procedures, conditions, medications and other clinical issues. This is one of the fastest growing medical apps, with more than 3 million users.  
  • Code Happy — Along with tips and inspiration, this app offers a community of nurses who give and get support. You can create a network with other nurses you know and work with, as well as like-minded nurses you haven’t met. Had a rough day and need a little encouragement? Just call “Call Code Happy” and wait for the “Happygrams” of encouragement to roll in. You can return the favor when you’re having a better day.
  • Osito — Connect Osito to your calendar and email and it will pick up on the events of your day and help you tackle them with forewarning and ease. From weather and traffic to meetings and airports, this app gently guides you on your way. (If you are on an Android you could try the similar Google Now app.)
  • Tripomatic — This app can help you maximize your 13 weeks in a new town by letting you choosing from a thorough list of must-see places. The trip planner allows you to pick your preferred activities and even plans your best itinerary and then routes you on your way.
  • Pill Identifier — If there a pill spill or other mix-up Pill Identifier helps you regroup and sort out the identity of a medication based upon its features and other signifiers.