How do I become a travel nurse in Australia?

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travel nurse in AustraliaAsk a Travel Nurse Question:

Hi, I would appreciate some advice on how to begin to find a nursing job in Australia. I am planning on working for approximately 6 months in the New South Wales state. I have applied for my travel- working visa and will shortly apply for my nursing registration. I almost have 2 years nursing experience and intend to go this July. Is it advisable to search for a job before I go or while I’m out there. The idea of bank/agency work would suit me better as I intend to explore at the same time. Any advice would be great thank you.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

I have written here before about international travel companies and would encourage you to check out this link on that post: International Travel Nursing Companies

I would want to make sure you had everything in place before actual travel. What if you get there and find there is one more thing you need to start work? As I’ve posted before, I can’t offer firsth and knowledge on international travel, but if I were to explore those options I would first join up with an agency. You see, an agency is going to make money off of the hours you work; therefore, they have a vested interest in making sure you have everything you need to start working. If you aren’t making money, they wont be making money.

Other than that, the suggestions in the aforementioned link will also apply to your situation. I hope this helps.