Do many travel nurses travel in RV’s or campers?

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Travel nurse next to RVAsk a Travel Nurse Question:

Do many travel nurses travel in RV’s or campers? Do you know if it is difficult to find camp sites new travel locations? Any input you have would be appreciated.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

I’m not sure I would say many travel nurses choose to travel in an RV or camper, but there are definitely some who prefer this over company provided housing.

If you do not already own an RV, you will have to consider many factors in your purchase. How large an RV will it take to meet your needs? Is it an all-in-one unit that would need to be driven to work? Or would you tow another vehicle behind it to use to get to and from work? Or would you purchase a pop-up or a fifth-wheel that could be detached from your tow vehicle?

You would also have to consider where you wanted to work as a traveler. If you are interested in “big city” facilities located in large metropolitan areas like L.A., New York, or San Francisco, that would certainly make finding a campground close to your assignment more of a challenge (although not impossible). However, if you work in places like Flagstaff (to be close to the Gr and Canyon), or Northern California locations (to be close to Yosemite), then you might find several places from which to choose. An internet connection is all you need now days to find options for RV living. KOA has locations throughout the US and typing “campgrounds” into any search engine will help you find a spot just about anywhere in the world.

Traveling and living in an RV is not for everyone, but if that is your cup of tea, a little planning shouldn’t hold you back from just about any travel assignment out there.