Travel Nursing can Boost a Resume

Travel Nursing

how travel nursing can boost your resumeWith the continuing dem and for nurses nationwide, it’s not surprising that more people are considering this career path. What may be surprising, however, is the number of nursing students unfamiliar with the numerous benefits of becoming a traveling nurse. One of the main upsides: It looks great on your resume.

Working as a traveling nurse can give talented and dedicated professionals the opportunity to choose where they want to live, the type of healthcare field they want to work in and the schedule that best fits their needs. Whether you want to work in a specific state or country for just a few months or for a few years, travel nursing likely has an option for you.

Travel Nursing: Fact vs. Fiction

There are still many myths surrounding the career of a traveling nurse. One of the biggest is that it’s hit hard during an economic slump. In fact, the contrary may be true. Because traveling nurses are “willing to go where the jobs are,” finding employment should be less of a challenge.

Another long-st and ing myth is that traveling nurse assignments last three months, at best, before you have to pick up and start all over again in a new facility or city. This claim may have had some truth to it in years past, but today there are many more opportunities available for nurses to stay in locations for longer stretches of time. In some instances, nurses may even work for a few years before moving elsewhere.

Finally, one of the biggest myths ( and one that may discourage individuals from exploring this professional option) is that traveling nurses are not welcomed by permanent staff members. The truth, however, is that travel nurses often lighten the load for overworked employees at an understaffed hospital or clinic. In other words, travel nurses are more likely to be welcomed with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Career Advancement

In addition to the personal growth and professional satisfaction that can come with being a traveling nurse, let’s not forget the boost it can give to your resume. Working as a traveling nurse highlights the fact that an individual has a highly-desired skill set. The nature of the job dem and s that travel nurses must be self-starters with strong people skills, and also have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new environments.

Hiring professionals in the healthcare industry will recognize the many outst and ing qualities that travel nurses can offer to their facilities. Additionally, a travel nurse st and s an excellent chance of st and ing apart from other c and idates by the sheer range of experiences he or she can gain in a relatively short period of time.

So, if you have a desire to travel and meet new people, while having control over where and when you work, a career as a traveling nurse may be just the fit. And if and when you’re ready to settle into a permanent position, your experience as a travel nurse could put your resume on top of the stack.