What if My Travel Nursing Contract is Cancelled?

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So you’re all set to hit the road for your next travel nursing job, when out of the blue, the contract is cancelled. This is a fairly rare occurrence for an individual traveler, but unfortunately it does happen. If it happens to you don’t let it get you down and try not to take it personally – anyone who’s in the business will most likely eventually have to deal with a cancelled contract or two.

There are a number of reasons why a contract can be cancelled. Often the underlying reason is just a poor match between facility and traveler. This, despite the burden of a cancelled contract, is actually good for both parties to know upfront. It’s also highly possible the cancellation has nothing to do with you personally and the hospital’s dem and has simply changed, or some other factor on their end has emerged.

In the event that a contract is cancelled, you should take a good look at the document’s mention of cancellations to be sure everything is being h and led as it should be. This is also a good reminder to be aware when signing future contracts. What does your contract say regarding cancellations? If a prospective contract will saddle you with a lot of fees in the event a job is called off, you may want to think about it more carefully and /or discuss the specifics with your recruiter.

This is another instance where having a close, trusting relationship with your recruiter pays off in spades. Your recruiter has faced cancellations in the past and should be as helpful as possible in terms of assisting you in underst and ing the event, dealing with any direct aftermath, and working to quickly get you another contract. It’s possible you may even be able to find a replacement contract in the same area. Be direct with your recruiter about your needs, and he or she can be your best asset in the event of a cancellation.

Sarah Wengert is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.