Travel Nursing with Pets is Getting Even Easier

Pets, Travel Nursing

traveling with petsPets aren’t just animals; they’re members of the family. It’s no surprise that more and more nurses are traveling with their pets, especially since travel nurse companies are becoming more lenient with housing arrangements. It was always rare to see someone traveling via plane with their furry companion, but now it’s becoming more of a normalcy.

It seems most businesses are catching on to this and have started catering to pets. One such business,, is doing just that.

The Jet Set Pets is being dubbed the first and only one-stop resource for luxury pet travel expertise. Here you can find all information related to traveling with pets, pet friendly hotels, groomers and spas, and even places to meet other pet owners.

Although the internet is a great tool for tracking down new places to take your pet, this site puts all the information you need in one place. Before you travel with your pet to a new location, it might be a good idea to check out this site to see what’s in store.

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