Travel Nurse Insurance

Benefits and Pay

Insurance PolicyAs a travel nurse, getting and maintaining health insurance can be a bit trickier than it is for perm staff. But maintaining coverage for you and your family is super important!

With the upcoming implementation of the Affordable Care Act there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding health insurance for everybody. Let’s take a look at what one company is doing regarding travel nurse insurance. Medical Solutions decided in 2013 to take matters into their own h and s on behalf of their Travelers, and introduced these new, significantly lower health insurance rates.

At many agencies, the insurance you elect to take will often have an effect on your overall pay package. But with Medical Solutions’ new rates, a nurse’s pay package is not affected by the lowered rates. Under the new rates, a single, basic policy is just $10 per week.

Medical Solutions Travelers who were already covered and on contracts spanning into January 2014 when this change took affect saw their rates plummet immediately ( and their paychecks go up as a result!). The new health insurance rates are available to all Medical Solutions Travelers beginning January 2014.

Click here to see some FAQs on the new insurance rates as well as the full breakdown in rates per month.

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to travel nurse insurance? Let us know in the comments.

Update, posted 2.10.15: As of April 1, 2015, medical insurance rates through Medical Solutions will start at $15 per week. Rates are subject to change annually upon open enrollment.  

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