What States Need RNs the Most ?

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As hospitals and facilities from coast to coast face the increased need for RNs to ensure patient care stays a priority, some states have been hit by the nursing shortage harder than others. With the population of Baby Boomers aging, chronic illnesses increasing, nurse burnout, and the retirement of experienced nurses, the healthcare industry is taking a major hit. So, where are RNs needed the most right now? Here are the top five in-demand states that have available travel nursing jobs!

1. California

As the most populated state in the U.S., California consistently tops the list of states that have the highest demand for nurses. The state’s diverse, growing, and aging population, coupled with increased emphasis on preventative care and community health, and commitment to innovative healthcare have all resulted in the increased need for nurses to deliver quality care to all. While the Golden State’s cost of living is on the higher end compared to other states and might deter RNs from planting permanent roots here, it’s the highest paying travel nurse location, and there are tons of travel jobs to explore in California perfect for any specialty.

2. Texas

Much like California, Texas is currently facing a huge demand for nurses due to population growth, its vast geographical size, and surge of healthcare facilities across urban and rural areas to keep up with the influx of chronic diseases and long-term effects of the pandemic. Rural areas are particularly struggling to attract and retain skilled nurses, which has led the state to expand their nursing education programs and provide extra incentives for nurses to work in these areas. This means that there are tons of travel nurse jobs available in Texas to help foster a healthier community.

3. Florida

Known for its large population of retirees and being a destination hotspot for snowbirds and tourists, Florida is a high-demand state for nurses, especially in long-term care facilities to help care for the aging population. Additionally, the Sunshine State doesn’t have clear skies all the time as two-thirds of Florida is bordered by water, which means it’s more susceptible to hurricanes, leading to spikes in emergency care from June to November. But don’t let some temperamental weather rain on your parade—the area’s diverse food scene and tons of attractions to explore is a major draw to take a travel job in Florida and plant temporary roots.

4. New York

As the epicenter of Covid-19 during the pandemic’s early stages, it’s no surprise that New York is among the top states where RNs are needed the most. With a growing population of more than 19 million people and vast healthcare landscape known for innovative research and prestigious hospitals, the Empire State requires a steady flow of nurses who are skilled and ready to hit the ground running to meet patient needs. From bustling cities like New York City to remote regions, healthcare professionals are essential in ensuring quality care reaches all corners of the state, and there are lots of travel nurse jobs in New York to help make that happen.

5. Arizona

Arizona’s warm climate and affordable living have made it a top-notch destination for retirees and young professionals to migrate to, but with this influx of people calling the Grand Canyon State home also comes a high demand for nurses. As the population grows, Arizona’s healthcare infrastructure must always stay two steps ahead so care never falls by the wayside, but this poses a challenge as nurses are the backbone to run these facilities, and little are available to do so. Arizona could have the worst nursing crisis in the nation by 2025 if the trend continues. Now is the time to take on a travel job in Arizona and see what this amazing state has to offer!

As the demand for nurses continues to go up across the country, there are some states in dire need of dedicated nurses in all specialties to help make sure the wellbeing of patients is always top priority. Whether you’re a nurse thinking about changing your scenery or you’re already a nurse traveling and looking for your next assignment, consider taking a travel nurse job in one of these high-demand states. Our recruiters will help you find the right job, housing, and benefits that fit your needs—apply today to get started.

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