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By Sarah Wengert

You’re interested in Medical Solutions and we’re super hyped on YOU. Could this be a perfect, soul mate, peanut butter & jelly type match?! We think so, but get to know us a bit more before we live happily ever after in travel healthcare bliss.

Traveling healthcare professionals go wherever their skills are most needed to provide continuity in quality patient care. We think this is so important that our team’s chief goal is to serve travel nurses and allied health pros on their journeys. Part of that is making sure you and your fellow travelers have all the necessary benefits and resources to do this important work. We take pride in caring for you so you can care for so many others. That’s why we offer travelers the best human-first service, nationwide job selection, and benefits in the industry. Let’s drill it down!

The Travel Nursing Industry’s Best Recruiters

Our ultra-responsive recruiters are experts on the industry and their travelers. Service is the name of their game, and you’re priority #1. Always.

A good recruiter should be there for you at every step of your travel nurse career journey — before, during, and after every assignment, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health — OK, this relationship is getting serious! All humor aside, the number one key to success as a traveler is having an expert recruiter on your side who knows the industry and works to become an expert in your unique needs. They should always be responsive, as well as eager to help you out or cheer you on. At Medical Solutions, we hire only the best recruiters and then train them to be even better at serving their travelers.

We continually get wonderful traveler feedback about our recruiters. Here’s a little sample:

“[My recruiter] got me a competitive wage, is very organized, and responds promptly when I have questions. She’s been amazing at getting me set up with my current contract! 10/10 recommend Medical Solutions!” — Kelsey Y., Travel Med Surg RN

“Love, love, love this company and my recruiter. I feel she truly cares and wants what’s best for me! — Kayla B., Travel NICU RN

“Best company I ever worked for — wonderful benefits and always there for you 24/7.” — Hydie F., Travel Phlebotomist

Clinical Team Support System

This team of 30+ superstar clinical nurse managers has worked in healthcare settings, just like you. They totally get it and are here to support you in everything from interviews to on-the-job concerns.

Because our Clinical Team members have been where you are, doing the work you do, understanding the ups and downs, they are an incredible resource and asset for all of our travelers and are happy to connect whenever needed. For example, if you have a clinical or safety concern on a travel assignment, your recruiter may refer you to one of our clinical nurse managers to discuss the situation. The Clinical Team is here to listen, advise, and help our travelers above all else.

Travel Nursing Jobs Galore

We’ve got tens of thousands of high-paying jobs in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Guam, with new jobs added daily. Because why should you have anything less to choose from? Go ahead and Goldilocks it. Find the job that’s juuuust right.

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to see, and whenever you’re ready to hit the road, Medical Solutions has a travel nursing job for you. You can use our job search tool to browse opportunities by title, specialty, and/or location. Search an entire state or a specific city to find the right spot. Send jobs to your recruiter when you’re ready to explore a certain position or even as an example of what you’re looking for in the future. You can even save jobs to your favorites and come back later. Just be careful it’s not too much later! We post new jobs multiple times each day, and when they’re filled by a traveler they go poof and disappear from our jobs pages.

Traditional and Modern Healthcare Traveler Benefits

We’re young at heart but also old souls, so we like to keep it fresh and trad-ish! That means classic and cutting-edge benefits alike, including:

  • Day-one health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Great pay + 401(k) with company match
  • Unlimited $600 loyalty bonuses
  • Paid, private, pet-friendly housing option
  • Licensure and certification reimbursement
  • Unlimited $500 referral bonuses
  • 100% free EAP benefit for all travelers
  • Maven subscription for family planning/women’s health support
  • Voluntary benefits (think life insurance + more)
  • Traveler discounts on electronics, lodging, rental cars, shoes, meals + more
  • Traveler portal/app for easy timesheet and document management
  • 24-hour customer care line
  • All employees are W-2 employee status (that’s right post-acute travelers: no 1099s!)

We hope you like what you’re hearing about our industry-leading traveler benefits! Now, will you accept this rose? Just kidding! But we are serious about taking this thing to the next level together. Apply now in seconds to get started, search jobs to explore, or call 1.866.633.3548 to connect.

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