Going the Extra Mile for Care

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By Elle Koris

In the world of healthcare, there are amazing individuals who continually demonstrate unwavering dedication and go above and beyond for care. Bridget Ross, a compassionate and selfless nurse, exemplifies this extraordinary spirit. With a heart of gold and devotion to assisting others, she consistently goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand to everyone around her.

The Heart of Compassion

Ross’ passion for care is fueled by an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of others. While she began traveling in 2019, she’s been changing lives as an LPN since 2015. Her inspiration and drive behind being a comforting presence for patients—besides her pure compassion and empathy? Her mother.

“I became a nurse because my mother was very ill when I was 18 years old,” said Ross. “And I wanted to know how to care for her.”

Not everyone can say they’ve found their calling at such a young age, but Ross knew her passion was supporting others when they needed her most.

Always Giving 100%

Woman holding Daisy Award in ScrubsOne of Ross’ defining qualities is her readiness to lend a helping hand. And it’s that constant readiness to be there for others—no matter when or where—that moved her coworker, Shavonne, to nominate her for such an impactful award like the Daisy Award.

“She always goes above and far beyond what’s expected of her. She does her job and helps with CNA work, and she always keeps busy,” said Shavonne. “She always checks to see if her help is needed and comes to work even when she isn’t feeling 100%, and still gives 100%. Nursing is her calling; nursing is her life.”

Whether it’s assisting fellow nurses during a busy shift or volunteering for additional responsibilities, Ross never hesitates to step forward, even on bad days.

“The love for what I do keeps me going,” said Ross.

From Scrubs to Skies

While helping others has always been Ross’ passion since she was 18, she also has always been drawn to seeing new places—and being a travel clinician has allowed her to combine her two loves.

Woman in gray shirt taking selfie

“I love to travel and not just for work,” said Ross. “My passion in life is caring for people and seeing the world.”

When asked what she loved most about her travels and exploring new places, she said:

“I think my favorite thing about traveling is meeting all the amazing people.”

From incredible coworkers to her patients, the people Ross encounters are what make the journey truly remarkable. Embracing new faces and forging meaningful connections is the perfect equation for spreading healing and love.

Elle Koris is a content writer for Medical Solutions.

Elle Reed is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.