Infectious Positivity and Extraordinary Care

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By Tara Drosset 

Cynthia Haynes is the type of person to go above and beyond for her patients, her job, and her family. She’s also always up for a challenge, turning negative environments into positive ones and influencing those around her along the way.  

The Power of Positivity

Daisy Award recipient Cynthia Haynes selfie

Haynes has been a travel nurse with Medical Solutions since 2021 but has been a positive influence in healthcare for more years than she can count. She’s learned a lot throughout her journey so far, and it impacts the way she approaches each new travel assignment. 

“Negativity is one of those things I refuse to tolerate at work,” she said. “Work is supposed to be fun. That’s our getaway every day.”

On a recent assignment, Haynes’ positivity was put to the test, but she still came out on top. 

The rehab unit that I was assigned to was in need of rehab itself,” she said. “Everyone was downtrodden. The unit reeked of negativity, and no one wanted to be there. That said to me, ‘Challenge!’ So, I put on my happy pants and helped turn the unit into a ‘We got this’ rehab team.” 

Rewarding a Job Well Done 

Haynes’ infectious positivity and extraordinary care for patients in the rehab unit are what inspired a coworker, Autumn, to nominate her for a Daisy Award. Here’s a small excerpt of the wonderful words Autumn had to say in Haynes’ nomination:

Daisy Award recipient Cynthia Haynes posing on stairs

“Cynthia is amazing at what she does and goes above and beyond for her patients. We generally work on the rehab unit together, and we could have patients that were almost giving up, but when Cynthia talked to them, they would perk up. She’s great with people and knows what she’s doing. And she doesn’t complain, either. She has a really positive attitude about everything. Cynthia’s really shown me how a great nurse should be. 

Haynes was presented with the prestigious DAISY Award at a surprise ceremony in front of her hospital colleagues and clinical leaders from Medical Solutions. When asked how she felt about it all, she admitted she was “completely overwhelmed” with gratitude. 

“I work with pure intention, no matter where I am, and I love my job,” said Haynes. “I love being a nurse and a coworker. The team I worked with there was great. They worked hard, which made me want to work even harder and go the extra mile. I want Autumn to take the inspiration that I gave to her and pass it on. I get tearful every time I think of how she said I inspired her. God Bless.”

Inspiring Others 

Haynes channels her life experience and passion for care each day into advice and inspiration for others. And her immense desire to help is what led her to enter a successful career in healthcare in the first place. 

“I had the desire to not just help someone who’s ill,” she said, “but to teach, inspire, encourage, empower, and comfort them. Perhaps to even give them something that has been missing in their life—love, closure, acceptance, a sense of peace, or knowledge.

Over the years, I’ve learned the truth in the old sayings:

  • People are watching you even when you’re not watching them. 
  • Is there a sound when a tree falls in the forest, even if there’s no one around?  
  • Do things right the first time.  
  • Love what you do, or walk away.  
  • Give what you want to receive.  
  • Don’t judge.  
  • Love hard; it matters. 
  •  “We” can make a difference.  
  • LISTEN ❤️

Daisy Award recipient Cynthia Haynes and family

Reflecting now on her life, her beautiful family, and her fruitful career, Haynes has a lot to be thankful for. 

“I’ve had a very full life,” she said. “I’ve lost a lot along the way, but I’ve gained more. The things that I’ve acquired are not tangible and, therefore, cannot be replaced or taken away. I’m 58, divorced, and now single. I celebrate my birthday every year by going out of the country for at least two weeks. I’m a Cigar aficionado—I love smoking cigars and relaxing on the beach with a good book (a hardcover) and some smooth jazz. And I have three of the most beautiful and amazing daughters in this world. They inspire me to be the best me.”


Tara Drosset is a content writer for Medical Solutions.