Scrub Brand Breakdown

Guest Authors, Scrubs

brands of scrubsWith so many different brands of scrubs out there these days, medical professionals have a seemingly endless variety of options to choose from.  To help you sort through all of the noise here is part 1 of our scrub brand breakdown.

Today we will look at three of the largest brands in the scrubs biz: Cherokee, Dickies, & Landau.

Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee scrubs are the most searched brand of scrubs on the Internet, and for good reason.  Cherokee offers a huge selection to choose from, a nice product, and constantly changing and growing line.  Whether it is the popular “Tuniforms” line complete with Disney characters or a traditional one pocket top and scrub pant, Cherokee carries it all.

The variety Cherokee offers can create a difference across product lines in quality & style.  So be a little cautious when switching between Cherokee lines, as you may not see the exact same feel, durability, or style in their “Workwear” scrubs as you do in their “Flexibles,” line.

Cherokee brand scrubs are a great product that you can rely on.  They even and offer an extensive line of shoes targeting the medical industry.  They want to have you covered from head to toe!

Landau Scrubs

While not as large as Cherokee, Landau is another great brand of scrubs.  Unlike Cherokee, Landau does not do a lot of licensing (like the Disney characters of Cherokee).  Instead, they tend to stick to more traditional styles & prints.  Across all of their offerings, they offer a nice product that can be depended on.

A line worth checking out at Landau is their antimicrobial scrubs.  These kill more than 99% of viruses and bacteria they come into contact with.  Amongst other things, this helps remove the need for bleach and other chemicals when cleaning your scrubs and by avoiding these chemicals you can extend the life of your scrubs.

Landau was the first major brand we carried at and we are still proud to offer their products!

Dickies Scrubs

The second most searched scrub brand on the Internet is Dickies Scrubs.  Dickies had about a 6 month hiatus in the middle of this year when the brand was sold to a new manufacturer (Dickies are now made by the same company that makes Cherokee scrubs).  Despite this downtime, Dickies popularity has remained strong.

While the full line of Dickies are not yet available, they are slowly bringing back more and more options for medical professionals to enjoy.  The most popular line of scrubs Dickies offers is their “Every Day Scrubs.”  As the name alludes, these scrubs are great for everyday use.  They are a proven scrub that is both durable and comfortable.  We are excited to see what new styles Dickies will bring under their new ownership and hope to see more options in 2011!

Stay tuned for our next article, we will get specific with some of the smaller brands that are a little more fashion oriented.  Including Baby Phat, Urbane, & Grey’s Anatomy.