How to stay in touch with family and friends while on a Travel Nursing assignment

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Travel Nurse Using Old Methods of Communication
There are so many (better) ways to keep in contact with those you care about.

Embarking on your travel nursing assignment is an opportunity to travel and experience the country, but being away from loved ones, family and friends can be hard at times. To help you capture and share memorable moments whether across the state or across the country we have some easy solutions to keep your friends and family in the distance even closer.

Your loved ones, family and friends are the most important people in your life. By staying in touch while traveling, you give the important people in your life an opportunity to observe what you are doing as a travel nurse and allow others to connect with your experiences as well. With the boom of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., it can seem as though you never left… But alas, below are some old fashioned ways to do the same.

All of the ideas we have for you can be altered for anyone regardless if they are a loved one, family or friend.

Staying close with your significant other:

Being far from your significant other may be hard at times. These easy tips are ways for you both to stay connected and share memories even miles away.

  • Before taking off on your traveling nurse assignment sit down with your significant other and create a playlist of your favorite songs and songs that bring back special memories. Have as many songs as you both would like with a variety of music that you can put in any time of the day to bring back memories and put a smile on your face. If you choose, tailor the music to different memories and different genres to play during different times of the day.
  • When you are away create your own personal stationary of memories and pictures of your experience being a traveling nurse. Alter each letter to be different so each time your loved one receives it they will have a different letter of your experience and they can be a part of it. At the end of your assignment when you return home you will be able to gather all your letters and create a collage or scrap book of your experiences. Each letter will be different and will summarize your experience.
  • If you both have access to a computer and are able to purchase webcams this is an easy and fun way to communicate face to face over a personal video conference. Webcams are an inexpensive way to stay connected and communicate across the country and see your significant other on the computer. By interacting online you are able to see each other every day and stay close even when you are miles apart.

Connecting with your family:

Staying close to your family when miles apart should be something that is fun and gives your family an idea of what you have been up to while on your travel nursing assignment.

  • Creating a scrapbook of your adventure is a great way to share with any family members. Individualizing your scrapbook lets your family know you were thinking of them when away and you want them to experience what you did. Over the course of your assignment collect brochures and pictures of the places you have visited to make it personal and allow them to see where you have been and what you saw.
  • If some of your family has access to a computer, create an online album that is easy to update so family members can check it at their convenience. Online albums such as Kodak gallery and Picasa are two of the many online albums available and are easy to use. Albums online gives you the capability to add photos and captions to personalize your experience.
  • When you are away from home nothing is better than having your favorite meals that remind you of your family. Gather your favorite recipes before you leave and create a family cookbook of all your favorite meals. While on your travel nursing assignment plan out your meals to cook and the aroma and taste will remind you of home.

Staying close with friends:

Many times throughout your career close friends move away or relocate due to a job, especially as a travel nurse. Staying in touch with friends should be something easy and something you look forward to.

  • If you have a group of friends that are spread out create a friends group to send each other gifts or pictures of your experiences. Rotate your group of friends to send each other memoires of your new town and scenery. Keeping in touch with friends and sharing your and adventures is what being friends are all about.
  • Sharing similar interests, books and movies with friends is great ways to stay connected when miles apart. After finishing a good book or favorite movie send it to a friend with similar interests. Staying close to friends by sharing some of your favorite things shows them you haven’t forgotten about them and that you where thinking of them while reading or watching a movie.

With your career as a travel nurse, maintaining relationships and staying in touch with family and friends in your life can be difficult. With these simple tips nothing should be a hassle or take long for you to do. When staying close with your spouse, family and friends any one of these tips can be altered. Adding your own inspiration and making it personal is the best way to include a part of yourself in each project.

If you have some unique and other thoughtful ways of staying close to those you love and care for, please leave them in our comment section below.