Your Pet-Friendly Travel Nursing Company

Some pet owners would never consider going anywhere without their furry best friend. We would never want our Travelers to be without those they love while on assignment. While traveling with a pet does add some extra challenges to your journey, most pet owners agree the extra effort is worth it. When you do, you get to share your adventures with a friend.

What this means for you and your pets:

  • When you elect to take our company housing, Medical Solutions will research extensively to find a comfortable place for you to live with your pet(s) while on assignment.
  • We will find housing for cats and dogs with a limit of 4 pets per apartment when you choose company housing.
  • Most properties do not allow dogs that are in the aggressive breed category. In these cases, we will do everything we can to find alternatives.
  • When you choose company housing, Medical Solutions covers pet deposits for you up front (pet fees and additional costs will be your responsibility).