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Timesheet Tips

You work hard for your money — so we want to pay you right! Completing your timesheet fully and correctly, and submitting it by the deadline are important steps in you getting paid correctly and on time each week. Here are some important tips for completing an accurate timesheet:

  • Medical Solutions timesheets should always be submitted, in addition to any facility log.
  • To avoid errors in your pay, make sure to write as clearly as possible when preparing your timesheet.
  • Print your name and the hospital name on your timesheet, unless already preprinted.
  • Sign and date your timesheet, and have the hospital sign, too.
  • Enter dates for the days worked and always use military time when entering hours.
  • Enter all times for regular hours worked with totals for each day. Include in, out for lunch, in from lunch, and out for the day.
  • Mark any exceptions in the space marked “comments.” For example: stayed late, no lunch, left early, sent home by hospital, etc.
  • Put an explanation in the “comments ” if full (AKA guaranteed) hours were not worked. For example: sick, requested off, canceled by hospital. If you left early, be sure to notate if you volunteered or the hospital sent you home. If the hospital canceled, do not include any canceled hours in the hours worked section.
  • If placed on call, enter start and end time of call shift. If called back in, enter start and end time of callback.
  • To ensure that you're paid on time, you must submit your completed and signed timesheet no later than 3 p.m. CT each Monday. You can submit your timesheet by emailing it to (feel free to cc your Career Consultant if you like) or faxing it to 1.866.357.2102. 

As always, if there is ever ANY confusion what-so-ever, don't hesitate to call your Career Consultant at 1.866.633.3548.