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How Not To Videos

There’s a lot of freedom in travel nursing, but there are still some fundamental things you definitely want to do (or not do!) to build a successful career. This funny bunch of videos shows you how not to tackle various elements of being a healthcare traveler, so you can navigate the industry with ease.

Our YouTube Channel

A delicious sampler platter of all things Medical Solutions and travel healthcare from our YouTube channel. Sit back, press play, and dig in while you learn what traveling with us is all about.

Travel Nurse Story Videos

There’s something really special about hearing stories from the road told by fellow travelers. Our travelers have amazing stories to tell and we encourage them to share their video dispatches! What story will you tell?

Travel Nurse Housing Videos

Our housing experts understand the needs of travel healthcare professionals like you! Caring for others all day is stressful, so we aim to offer you great housing where you can properly relax and unwind — a place you can truly call home for the next 13 weeks.

Travel Nursing with Pets Videos

We love our pets just like you do, so we would never want our travel nurses and travel allied health professionals to have to leave home without their fur babies! Check out these videos to learn helpful tips for traveling with pets.

Send us Your Travel Nursing Video

What’s your story, morning glory?! Do you have helpful advice or an awesome travel nursing story to share with your fellow travelers? Record a video, submit it to, and your story might be featured.

Fun Nursing Videos

Life’s about the journey, not the destination, right? Let’s have some fun.

Called to Care

Every traveler has a unique story, including struggles, successes, and their own reason for being called to the important work of patient care. This video series shines a positive light on healthcare professionals by sharing your fellow travelers’ stories.

Guides and Instruction Videos

A little know-how goes a long way when it comes to submitting timesheets, navigating our traveler app, prepping for PBDS testing, and other such areas. We’ve got your back and your video CliffsNotes, study buddy!