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Travel Nurse Loyalty Program

How easy is our Loyalty Program?

medical solutions loyalty programs

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. It’s as easy as pie. It’s easy like Sunday morning! It’s as painless of a loyalty program as they come, with no red tape and nothing to register for. All you need to do is work, focusing on what you do best, caring for patients… We’ll take care of the rest.

Now through 2016 we’re offering each and every Travel Nurse the opportunity to earn a loyalty bonus. You’re automatically enrolled into the program the second you start an assignment with Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions has given more than $6.5 million to our awesome Travel Nurses since we began the program. If that’s not loyalty, we don’t know what is.

We will continuously keep tabs on your hours worked throughout the year and you can check the status of your loyalty bonus on your weekly pay statements. On Call hours do not count toward the loyalty bonus, so if you are keeping track yourself be sure to subtract On Call hours from Hours Worked on your pay stub. Of course, Call Back hours are included in your loyalty bonus.

While other Travel Nurse agencies try to make you go blind reading fine print or make you figure out some quantum physics equation before you’ll ever see a dime in their programs, we’re here to make your life easier. Your work is hard enough, so with our program you simply work 600 hours, you’re paid 600 dollars. You work another 600 hours, you’ve earned yourself another 600 dollars, and on and on and on… Told you it was easy!



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