Benefits Beyond Staffing: the Value of a Healthcare MSP


Healthcare facilities today need a staffing partner that can go beyond the everyday push-and-pull of filling open positions. These challenging and dynamic times demand more. The right managed services provider (MSP) can offer a holistic workforce solution that helps from strategy to the unit floor.

The best way to expand your understanding of how an MSP can help is to consider the breadth and depth of what they offer. As an industry-leading managed services provider, Medical Solutions makes managing your workforce simpler, smarter and more human. An MSP program should be built to fit the demands of your facility, from contingency staffing to proactive planning and workforce solutions. We connect care by providing personalized and customized workforce solutions that allow staff to remain focused on patients while we handle a range of critical administrative services.

When establishing an MSP program with your system, it all begins with a strategic view, continues through finding and placing the right people, and can be delivered seamlessly with a human-first approach.

Start with Strategic Support

The view from the top isn’t always great. Sometimes, it can be downright scary. Medical Solutions’ MSP program is equipped to help leaders navigate shifting terrain, with both proactive workforce planning and rapid responses to critical needs.

As a leader, do you have adequate visibility throughout your healthcare organization? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many contingent employees do you have across units in your facility?
  • What staffing resources do you need at your facility?
  • How much time does your staff spend managing, training and handling administrative functions for your contingent labor?

The right managed services provider alleviates challenges with proactive workforce planning. We can help you navigate your facility’s data to forecast what lies ahead for staffing needs and help you make insight-driven decisions on how to shape your staffing model.

Likewise, managed services providers can handle billing, timekeeping and workforce management services associated with your partnership, sparing your administrative staff any additional stress—at no additional cost.

Contingent labor remains a critical component of both short- and long-term emergency response plans. An MSP program allows you to access contingent labor and lean on your workforce solutions partner during times that require rapid decision-making—as we have experienced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Candidate Pipeline

The right healthcare staffing partner can help you get the right travelers working faster. At Medical Solutions, our clinical team of full-time, in-house registered nurses is at the heart of our recruiting and onboarding process, meeting with unit managers to determine the best candidates for your facility, and how to efficiently onboard travelers so they can immediately contribute on the floor.

We also screen and handle credentialing for contingent labor, ensuring that your workforce is compliant with regulatory standards. Medical Solutions manages credentialing through a two-point audit process that finds and corrects any potential errors and ensures timely start dates. Additionally, our team provides continual credentialing support and conducts monthly background checks on every traveler and automatically monitors all expirations.

Service that Makes it Seamless

Delivering a full suite of services is as much an art as it is a science. Medical Solutions combines our human-first approach to technology-driven solutions to create a seamless experience.

What does that look like in the real world? Our MSP portal allows you to track your entire contingent staff, while automating credential management and documentation. And you get a consistent, trusted, single point of contact for contingent clinician profiles, compliance stats, facility invoice history, customizable reporting and more. We put good information at your fingertips and provide help when you need it.

While technology and metrics inform and improve the delivery of our workforce solutions, every client receives a dedicated account manager to ensure a successful partnership and connect you with the best people for your health system. Our high-touch client service supplements seamless administrative support by accessing contingent workers who are the right cultural fit for each unit in your facility—which contributes to Medical Solutions’ 96% traveler completion rate.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Medical Solutions’ MSP program provides holistic workforce solutions for your facility, please contact our sales team or call us at 866-633-3548.

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