Strike Staffing

Strike nurse staffing ensures that patients continue to receive the crucial care they need during job actions that result from labor disputes or personnel shortages.

Our team works to make sure all strike travelers have access to everything they need when they’re deployed to continue care during a strike.

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Why Strike Staffing?

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Top Pay

Many strike nurses make twice what they might make in a regular full-time position. Because our work is short-term in nature, many nurses take time off from their regular employment to enhance their total earnings for the year by working a few days a year in strike staffing.

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Minimum Hour Guarantees

When you accept a strike assignment with us, we provide a guarantee of compensation for a minimum number of hours per week. As a practical matter, nurses must expect to work as little or as much as each situation requires.

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Travel and Housing

We take first-rate care of our travel healthcare professionals by paying for all your ground and/or air travel expenses. We also provide no-sot lodging to you and ensure that all accommodations include access to restaurants and other necessities.

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Nurse Advocacy

Our on-site clinical nurse managers act as your advocates with hospital administration, ensuring fair and proper treatment during your assignment. We provide on-site representatives to review working conditions and represent the interests of our workers.