Clinical Corner: 9 Quick Tips for Rocking Your Travel Nurse Performance Evaluation

Clinical Corner

By Chris Vinton, Medical Solutions Quality Assurance Specialist

At the end of every Travel Nursing assignment you take with Medical Solutions, the hospital is given a form to evaluate your performance. Performance evaluations are a reflection of you and the work you put in at each hospital. These evaluations will stay with you for your entire career at Medical Solutions, so it is important to have some rock star level performance evaluations!

Performance evaluations cover everything from clinical skills to communication between you and full-time staff to personal hygiene. The factors you’re rated on are intentionally broad and cover a wide range of topics, so to help you prepare, here are 9 quick tips for rocking your Travel Nurse performance evaluation:

  1. Focus on patient care.
  2. Be aware of the hospital’s policies and follow these policies.
  3. Document appropriately.
  4. Remember the five rights of medication administration.
  5. Be courteous and respectful to patients and staff.
  6. Communicate with your team and doctors.
  7. Do not be late for shifts.
  8. Ask your team and charge nurse questions.
  9. Shower — and otherwise maintain your personal hygiene.

Every assignment you take will be different, every hospital will have different policies, and you will always have a new team to work with. In order to rock performance evaluations, you need to adapt to every situation you find yourself in. There will always be different policies or ways of documenting. However, the one thing that is constant in every assignment you take is you. You have the power to communicate effectively, treat patients how you would want to be treated, and follow hospital policies. Not to get too motivational speaker sounding, but you’ve totally got this — you have the skill and will to adapt and wow the hospitals, your patients, and all the teams you will work with!

Performance evaluations are an important part of Travel Nursing. They reveal quite a bit of information about both Travelers and hospitals. This will help your Career Consultant find optimum facilities for you where you would be a perfect fit. It also helps our Client Managers learn more about the culture of each hospital. Remember that these performance evaluations reflect your work and if you are a rock star, then you will get an awesome performance eval!

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