Medical Solutions Ready to Address Increased Demand for Dialysis Staff


Change is coming to an area of healthcare that has evolved somewhat slowly in the past. New solutions will be needed to address increased demand for dialysis nurses and clinicians.

Demand for dialysis is expected to climb significantly as the American elderly population grows. It’s not just acute kidney conditions creating the increased need. More than 35 million Americans are already estimated to suffer from chronic kidney disease. As more Americans reach age 65 and older, increased incidence of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension will all likely contribute to the need for dialysis.

The U.S. rate for dialysis was already more than 209 per million in population, 50 percent higher than any West European nation, and more than double that of Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom.

While most of the dialysis treatment occurs at free-standing (often for-profit) clinics, some hospital-based treatment still occurs. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic did cause some shift in treatment options, as more in-home visits and dialysis treatments became available. It remains to be seen if this will be a lasting delivery method following the pandemic.

Even with a nationwide network of dialysis clinics, who will staff them? All these factors indicate a potentially dramatic demand increase for dialysis nurses and clinicians nationwide. Medical Solutions stands ready to help clients address this challenge.

Improved reach will be needed to find, select and place the best possible dialysis nurses.

With more than 400 in-house recruiters and a managed service partner (MSP) solution that allows us to reach up to 88% of all traveling clinicians, Medical Solutions has the capacity to help address the increased demand for this specialty.

Our in-house Clinical Team of nurses helps us ensure the clinical quality and cultural fit to meet the varied needs of our clients. Whether you need several professionals to start operating a new facility or one person to fill a key role, we can help find the fit.

Learn more about what Medical Solutions offers our clients and contact us to set up a conversation to start assessing your needs today.

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