What is the Average Salary for a Travel Nurse?

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Average Travel Nurse Salary a State by State Guide

Embarking on a career as a travel nurse is not just a professional journey; it’s an adventure that combines a passion for care with the excitement of exploring new places. But beyond the allure of crossing a new city off your bucket list and seeing new sights, travel nursing offers a unique opportunity for higher earning protentional. While the national average travel nurse salary according to Indeed is $2,098 per week, not all travel nurse salaries are the same. Let’s dive into a state-by-state look and factors that could impact compensation.

Average Travel Nurse Salary by State

Not only does location play a major role in the cost of living, but it also plays a pivotal part in a travel nurse’s salary and demand. For example, California is the most populated state in the U.S., has a higher cost of living, and is one of the states that needs nurses the most; therefore pay is going to be higher than states like Rhode Island.

There’s even a disparity between rural and metropolitan areas, as well as states that are more popular than those hidden gem locations. Hawaii is a beautiful state that is incredibly desirable among travel nurses (especially around those winter months), however, pay rates might be much lower compared to those of Alaska during the same time frame since it’s not as desirable.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that influence your pay, so it’s possible to make more or less than the average travel nurse salary in each state depending on your career path. What’s important is staying flexible and keeping an open mind about a place because the most unexpected travel nurse job just might be your favorite.

Average Weekly Pay
Average Salary
Alabama $1,897 $103,674
Alaska $2,497 $136,497
Arizona $2,335 $127,638
Arkansas $2,107 $115,140
California $2,436 $133,113
Colorado $1,966 $107,475
Connecticut $2,148 $117,380
Delaware $1,677 $91,665
Florida $1,917 $104,800
Georgia $1,932 $105,584
Hawaii $2,189 $119,653
Idaho $2,006 $109,659
Illinois $2,190 $119,681
Indiana $2,184 $119,386
Iowa $2,087 $114,060
Kansas $1,969 $107,600
Kentucky $2,157 $117,883
Louisiana $1,999 $109,255
Maine $1,867 $102,024
Maryland $2,141 $117,011
Massachusetts $2,203 $120,385
Michigan $2,007 $109,688
Minnesota $1,987 $108,595
Mississippi $2,028 $110,850
Missouri $2,026 $110,705
Montana $1,959 $107,066
Nebraska $2,078 $113,575
Nevada $2,251 $123,039
New Hampshire $1,912 $104,475
New Jersey $2,261 $123,562
New Mexico $2,120 $115,875
New York $2,482 $135,628
North Carolina $1,930 $105,483
North Dakota $2,242 $122,532
Ohio $2,196 $120,005
Oklahoma $2,044 $111,720
Oregon $2,179 $119,070
Pennsylvania $1,570 $85,795
Rhode Island $1,605 $87,742
South Carolina $1,841 $100,641
South Dakota $2,320 $126,813
Tennessee $1,974 $107,898
Texas $1,952 $106,666
Utah $2,103 $114,964
Vermont $1,572 $85,930
Virginia $2,109 $115,272
Washington $2,166 $118,369
West Virginia $2,124 $116,081
Wisconsin $2,266 $123,843
Wyoming $2,138 $116,846

Factors that Impact Pay

As we can see in the chart above, location matters when it comes to a travel nurse salary. But it’s not the only factor that will impact pay—crisis travel assignments and even the agency you work with can make a difference.

  • Experience and Specialty: Seasoned travel nurses with specialized skills or certifications tend to command higher pay rates. Critical care, emergency room, and labor and delivery nurses, for instance, are often in high demand.
  • Agency: Travel nurses typically work through staffing agencies, like Medical Solutions, that negotiate contracts on their behalf. Your recruiter should act as an extension of you and will work hard to ensure you get the pay you want and deserve.
  • Benefits Package: Travel nurses often receive additional perks such as license reimbursements, housing stipends, health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses, all of which contribute to the overall compensation package.

The average travel nurse salary is something influenced by various factors such as location, experience, specialty, and benefits package. While concrete figures provide a baseline, it’s crucial to recognize the individualized nature of travel nursing compensation.

Ultimately, travel nursing offers not just a paycheck but a gateway to adventure, professional growth, and fulfillment. So, if you’re a nurse passionate about taking care on the road, consider exploring the world of travel nursing and apply today!

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