How do I find furnished housing online?

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Ask a Travel Nursing Housing Expert Question:

This is my first time traveling. I love my hospital. I LOVE my neighbors and the area I live in. When I went on-line I could not find an apartment that was furnished, that would accept 2 small dogs. Any suggestions on finding housing on-line?

Ask a Travel Nursing Housing Expert Answer:

There are several third party companies that provide fully furnished housing, it’s just the cost and location that may be difficult. Oakwood Corporate Housing, PC Corporate Housing, and Travelers Haven are just a few. If you are going to a small town they may not have apartments set up in that town, and in smaller towns it’s more difficult to find vendors that are willing to take pets. There are also apartment websites that give you the option of selecting furnished as an option. For instance if you go to, enter the town you are headed to, and then under Amenities you can check furnished available, hit update and it will give you the options in that town that provide furnished apartments.

It’s usually more cost effective to find an apartment and just rent the basic furniture if that is possible for you. Cort Furniture provides furniture and housewares which will make the move in really easy by having everything in the apartment when you arrive. If you are going to a smaller town where Cort does not deliver there is usually a Rent A Center in which you can get basic furniture and then bring your own housewares or purchase them. Please let me know if there are other questions you may have or if I can help you in any other way.

For more information about finding fully paid, fully furnished, pet friendly housing for travel nursing click here.

Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing are a couple of other great resources for finding travel nurse housing if your agency isn’t able to secure housing for you.

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