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In this economy and considering the current state of the nursing and healthcare staffing industry, nurses and therapists don’t need “recruiters” who are not interested in the long term benefit they can bring to a travelers career. They need a partner who can understand their career goals and help them achieve them. At Medical Solutions we have always tried to build that kind of relationship with our nurses, therapists and techs so we finally decided to go ahead and officially change the titles of our Recruiters to Career Consultants.

What does this mean for you a nurse manager looking for travelers for your hospital? It means you can be more confident in your decision to use Medical Solutions knowing that your travel nurse or therapist is fully supported by a company that is looking for more than a quick commission. This kind of relationship with our travelers means that you can expect travelers that care about their nursing career and are not just in it for the money, but truly want to provide quality patient care and become better care givers.

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