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Managing your healthcare concerns … there’s an app for that!

Steady, affordable healthcare is a more important concern than ever before these days. That’s why Medical Solutions offers Travelers medical insurance starting at just $15 per week for a single, basic policy through United Healthcare — as well as the option to maintain benefits for up to 21 days (recently increased from 14 days!) in between assignments as long as you’ve already signed your next contract with us.

So, having great, affordable healthcare benefits is one part of the battle — but what about being able to easily access your benefits once you’re signed up?

Thankfully, there’s an app for that! United Healthcare’s got you covered with their awesome Health4Me app, which lets you access all your healthcare info, even when you’re on the go.

The Health4Me app is available for free to both Apple and Android customers. You simply need to register at MyUHC.com to enable both mobile and online services.

According to UHC, here’s some of the helpful stuff the app allows you to do:

  • Search for physicians or facilities by location or specialty
  • Locate urgent care clinics and ERs
  • Estimate medication costs, manage prescription claims and find pharmacies
  • Skip the phone prompts and have a service representative contact you to answer questions about claims and benefits
  • View and share member health plan ID card information
  • Find hospital quality information to help make an informed decision about the best place to get care
  • Contact a registered nurse 24/7 for advice about medical questions
  • Check the status of deductible and out-of-pocket spending
  • View, sort, and pay claims
  • Check your health reimbursement and flexible spending and health savings account balances.
  • Collect, track, and share past and current personal health records.
  • Estimate costs of common procedures and conditions

So, wherever your Travel Nurse adventures may take you, you can still keep tabs on everything health-related! Click here to learn more about the Health4Me app.

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