Medical Solutions Announces New Nurse Bridge Division

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Omaha, Neb. (August 26, 2013) – Medical Solutions announced today that it will now operate Nurse Bridge, a strike staffing division, formerly run by OA Nurse Travel.

Medical Solutions acquired OA Nurse Travel in February 2013 and completed integration of the company in August 2013. The Nurse Bridge brand focuses solely on offering temporary hospital staff to provide continued patient care in the event of a job action.

“Medical Solutions is a proven leader when it comes to nurse staffing,” said Craig Meier, Medical Solutions President. “With Nurse Bridge we are extending our commitment to serving facilities by using our existing battery of skills to help maintain patient care at facilities that face strikes. This also allows us to offer more jobs to our Travelers.”

Nurse Bridge specializes in placing experienced replacement personnel in temporary travel assignments that have been necessitated by job actions. Nurse Bridge works in a coordinated effort with hospital administration to determine staffing needs ahead of a possible job action, then manages recruitment, screening, transportation, housing, and scheduling of replacement staff. A complete employee file on each replacement staffer is provided, for future use for Joint Commission inspections and state health department reviews. Every step of the process is handled by Nurse Bridge so that facilities can continue to focus on other aspects of hospital management.

“Of course, we know that job actions are not ideal,” said Medical Solutions CEO Scott Anderson. “But a hospital is the type of workplace where a strike cannot stop production. Patients and their families need the show to go on, and with Nurse Bridge we are able to assist hospitals with interim staffing. We do this without judgment regarding the job action, but simply on behalf of patients in need of continued care.”

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