Travel Nurse Housing – Don’t be afraid to ask questions

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travel nurse housing furnishingsWhen searching for travel nurse housing, you should always ask questions to clear up any of your concerns. This should be done before you arrive at the property to make you feel more prepared for the move and to avoid a mad dash to the store upon your arrival.

Household items are everyday necessities that can easily be forgotten when discussing your move. Furniture rental is usually arranged on your behalf but this may not include everyday household items. It is customary to receive a detailed list of items to expect in your new apartment. Still, ask your housing coordinator what won’t be included in addition to what will be included in your new apartment home.

If household items are not included in the furniture rental, ask if they can be included and at what cost. Your travel nurse housing provider should be able to provide you with an acceptable solution such as a housewares package. You may not wish to purchase a vacuum cleaner, wastebaskets, cookware, and other household items for several reasons. These large, bulky items do not travel well and might be a waste of money to purchase for such a short stay. Also, shopping for household items might be considered a waste of your invaluable time since it is such a time consuming task.

The search for housing comes along with accepting a new travel assignment. This search can be effortless if you decide to work with a good travel nurse housing provider but there are still questions that you should ask to make certain that your stay is everything you envisioned.