Celebrating our 2022 Traveler of the Year Winners 

Traveler of the Year

By Sarah Wengert

When we selected 2022’s Medical Solutions and Aureus Medical Traveler of the Year winners, we knew we’d found the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the champions of care, the absolute GOATs of healthcare. Let’s get to know a bit more about these highly skilled, incredibly talented, and extremely dedicated wizards of what they do.

Medical Solutions Travelers of the Year

Tinia Evans, RN, MSN, (DON-LTC/SNF)

Evans has 18-plus years of healthcare experience and has worked for Medical Solutions as a director of nursing in long-term care since December 2013. She’s completed assignments in 35 locations — that’s 56 total assignments, including her extensions!

Evans is often requested by name by facilities and always extends when needed. Her professionalism, adaptability, and positive attitude are often cited in her positive reviews. “Tinia has an uncanny ability to gain trust and buy-in from her team, resulting in fewer call-offs and no-call/no-shows from her nursing staff,” said her recruiter. “She’s a hands-on leader — flexible, knowledgeable, and very detail oriented. Tinia also became a certified BLS Instructor and has helped many of our travelers with their certification.”

Deborah Fiorucci, RN, BSN

Fiorucci’s been making an impact in healthcare since 1977, and recently started her 28th assignment with Medical Solutions. Her recruiter calls her his “Swiss Army knife,” because she’s done it all — ER, ICU, med surg, telemetry, cath lab, and psychiatric units; strike assignments, travel, and EMR conversions. Fiorucci remained dedicated to her work and her patients, even when tragedy struck her family last year when her son was brutally murdered. “She’s a 4’11” biker chick from the heartland of Michigan, who wears her heart and soul on her sleeve for all to see. Her impact and stories run deep, and I truly think she’s a born-and-bred Medical Solutions employee,” said her recruiter.

Audrey Hervey, LPN (LTC/SNF)

Hervey is an LPN with 30-plus years of experience in healthcare who’s been traveling with her recruiter since April 2017. Facilities love her. She gets exceptional evaluations and is often asked to extend until the staffing need is satisfied. “Audrey gains respect from her peers and leaders, plus she’s always willing to help where needed — even if that means doing CNA duties,” said her recruiter. “She’s such a hard worker and has worked many 12-hour shifts in a row, yet she never complains.” Audrey travels with her husband, Eric, a strong supporter of her career who makes a great chauffeur.

Kyra Krzeminski, RN

Krzeminski, an ER nurse, has 20-plus years of nursing experience and took her first travel assignment with Medical Solutions in March 2021. Since then, she’s successfully completed eight assignments and always sets a great example of a travel nurse. She advocates for her patients, helps the facility where needed, and represents Medical Solutions better than most. “Kyra’s one of the good ones, giving it her all and providing the best care possible for every patient regardless of the situation. She truly exemplifies what it is to be a nurse,” said her recruiter. “She’s impacted my life as well as many others throughout her career. She’s a great nurse, an even better friend, and I look forward to many more years of working together!”

Tamara Mains, RN, BSN

This leader and ER house supervisor is a veteran with 20-plus years of nursing experience. One night during Mains’ shift in Kentucky, she got word that an ambulance was en route carrying a very premature baby who’d just been born inside the emergency vehicle. The closest NICU was three to four hours away and the baby wouldn’t survive the drive there. Mains led her team in resuscitating the baby and keeping them warm with blankets and body heat until the NICU ambulance arrived five hours later due to bad weather in the nearby mountains. The baby was then transported to the closest NICU and is alive and thriving today. Her recruiter said she’s “truly superhuman and there isn’t anything she can’t do!”

Aureus Medical Nursing Travelers of the Year

Haley Moses, RN, BSN

This stepdown pro has traveled exclusively with Aureus since 2019. Her recruiter said she could tell from their first conversation the pair would have “an everlasting working relationship.” Her every assignment ends with a referral, extension, and excellent appraisal with the client wanting her back. She never complains and always stays until the job is done. Moses has been from the East Coast to the West Coast, and even found her forever partner while traveling! They built a tiny home and use this to travel to all their warm locations. Moses is a true nomad and has already seen more sights of the world than most people do in their lifetime. “Her energy is contagious, even just chatting on the phone with her, but the energy she brings to patients and the hospital is especially unlike anything I’ve seen. Haley is a phenomenal nurse, very knowledgeable, known to help ‘first timers,’ and is a natural leader,” said her recruiter.

Pamela Rodriguez, RN

Rodriguez is a cath lab nurse on her 10th contract with Aureus. This native Texan has completed contracts in Nebraska, Texas, California, Hawaii, and New Hampshire, and is frequently asked to extend. Her glowing facility feedback has reported that she’s dependable, positive, takes initiative, and has strong clinical skills, true class, and kindness. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and her amazing husband, Jeremy, supports her travel career 100%.

Jeffery Smith, CST

Smith’s currently on his 13th contract with Aureus, in Illinois, with completed contracts in Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Dakota. In addition to providing excellent care, this accomplished traveler loves jazz, BBQ, remodeling/construction projects, his cowboy boots, and Silverado truck. “Jeff is outstanding! We’d be happy to have him back any time as a traveler,” a manager recently said about Smith. His recruiter added that he’s humorous, kind, compassionate, has a great attitude, and always keeps himself accountable when it comes to compliance.

Anna Welch, RN, BSN

Welch has traveled with Medical Solutions since October 2018. This OR nurse gets rave reviews and has been offered extensions for every assignment, plus commitments from her managers that she’s welcome to return whenever she wants. As if all that wasn’t enough, Welch is also an officer in the Navy Reserves who serves our nation proudly and has been deployed numerous times to various international locations, and she’s working toward completing her master’s degree. Her recruiter said she’s prompt, polite, trustworthy, and dedicated.

Aureus Medical Allied Health Travelers of the Year

Brian Bittner, Imaging

Bittner’s been a loyal traveler with Aureus for almost six years, he’s currently on his 15th assignment, and he continues to impress! He’s consistently asked to extend, has extended to help a facility train new techs, and has been requested back to facilities numerous times — a testament to his skills and abilities. Brian never rocks the boat and always holds himself to the highest standards. “Brian was outstanding. Wish I could clone him for all positions,” a manager recently said of Bittner.

Kate Mealey, Lab

Mealey’s going on 31 assignments with Aureus. She’s the epitome of a great traveler — professional, flexible, patient, and teachable, positive, and always puts patients first. Managers have described Mealey as one to show up early or on time and volunteer to help with open shifts. She’s a wonderful communicator and always lets her recruiter know of any changes or concerns. “Kate’s very kind to everyone she encounters,” said her recruiter. “I swear, she befriends coworkers everywhere she goes, and her Rolodex is full of fellow travelers and laboratorians for life! She’s truly gone the extra mile for Aureus, making sure we’re positively represented with all our clients.”

Jennifer Smith, Therapy

Smith’s recruiter said she’s “the absolute easiest traveler to work with” and “an excellent therapist with consistently high evaluations.” She’s clear about her preferences and expectations, communicates with her recruiter, is dependable, and always has problem-free assignments. “Jennifer exemplifies what we seek in a traveler because she truly cares about the work she does to help patients and facilities, while at the same time enjoying each new location. Jennifer values the travel experience on multiple levels, and she’s a joy to connect with,” said her recruiter.

Melanie Sward, Cardio

Sward is known for being an easy-going, hard worker and picking up lots of overtime. She has 20-plus years of experience, and her recruiter said, “clinically she’s great, and the staff/management love having her as part of their team.” Sward’s been with Aureus since 2016, completing nine contracts across the country, from Delaware to Hawaii and several places in between. She’s been extended at six of the nine contracts, and twice she even stayed a year.

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Sarah Wengert is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.