How Quality Human Interaction & Efficient Technologies Offer Tailored Experiences in Healthcare Staffing


Over the past few years, the needs of health systems have changed drastically—faster processing, lowering costs, and finding contingent and permanent healthcare professionals in a low labor market—and the trajectory of those needs won’t be slowing down over night.

Now more than ever, health systems are looking for a total workforce solutions partner who does more than finding the right people to fill open jobs. They want experts who will offer insight, advice, and solutions to unique challenges at every stage of the staffing cycle—and to do it with efficiency.

Joel Tremblay, chief operating officer at Medical Solutions, spoke with HealthLeaders about the importance of having someone you trust solve diverse challenges now and potential others before they happen. In the interview, he shares how combining a human-first approach with innovative technology can allow healthcare workforce partners to create customized solutions and predict demand in an industry that is always changing.

“Our goal is to help our clients transition to a more stable environment with appropriate pricing as we move out of crisis staffing,” Tremblay said. “Through technology, we can help our health system partners control costs by being more forward-looking while also ensuring their shifts are filled, their needs are met, and the quality of care remains high.”

Get the full scoop  and read Tremblay’s entire interview with HealthLeaders here.

Want even more insights? Listen to the recent podcast HealthLeaders conducted with Medical Solutions on the importance of combining the human element with technology, and many more topics!

If you’re interested in learning more about our total workforce ecosystem of solutions and what Medical Solutions can offer to help your health system, our experts are here for you. Get the conversation started today and schedule a call with us!

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