Getting to Know Jenenne Hollister, SIA 40 Under 40 Honoree

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Jenenne Hollister, Medical Solutions’ VP of Financial Operations, was recently recognized as part of the Staffing Industry Analysts 40 under 40 list for 2021. The SIA profile introduced many in the industry to what we at Medical Solutions have known for years – Jenenne is a star. Jenenee took the time to share more about her background, experiences and career with Medical Solutions in this Q&A.

Question: Could you share a little bit more about your personal background? Where are you from? Are you native to Florida?

Jenenne Hollister: I actually moved to Florida in high school, from the suburbs of Chicago. I have never gotten used to seeing palm trees!

Q: The profile says you’re a mother of three. Care to share a bit more about your family?

JH: My husband and I have been married 13 years! We have 3 children – Jack (10), Audrey (9), and Scarlett (7).

Q: Where did you go to school?

JH: Florida State for both my undergrad and masters in Accounting. Go Seminoles!

Q: How long have you been with Medical Solutions? PPR, before that?

JH: I came to PPR in 2011 as the Controller, when it was still founder owned. I became the financial leader in 2016 when it was sold to a private equity group and then came to Medical Solutions as part of the PPR acquisition in 2018. I am forever grateful for being a part of this amazing organization.

Q: To be recognized in such a trying year for the healthcare industry really says something. Could you share a bit about your personal or professional experience with handling and leading through the pandemic?

JH: Oh my gosh – like everyone, personally I have had my ups and downs. I try to focus on the positive. Remember when we were trying to be full-time professionals and part-time educators on the side? But I am thankful for the opportunity to have spent time watching my children first-hand on how they learn. I feel like we are all a tighter family unit because of this experience. Professionally, I have always been so proud to be a part of serving the healthcare community. Our healthcare workers are on the front lines taking care of our friends and family. and we’re dedicated to supporting them, such as ensuring nurses and our allied health professionals receive quarantine pay. These were and still are unprecedented times. I will never forget it, and I am proud to have been a small piece in all of it.

Q: Thinking about your career path and personal development, can you share about your roles, and the growth moments you’ve experienced so far?

JH: My teammates have been everything! They keep me sharp, motivated, and pushing forward. They have also been there when I needed the support. I think in any career you also have to turn inwards, dig deep, and believe in yourself. I had people tell me along the way that I could never make the pace of my career work with having kids. I aligned with an organization that wanted to see me as a person grow. I am living my dream of being challenged professionally, but also able to be there for my family. It is amazing and I feel like Medical Solutions has allowed me to have it all.

Q: Put your future-thinking cap on. Where do you see the industry headed? Or what’s next for the contingent workforce industry?

JH: I have learned any prediction I make will most likely be wrong. But aligning ourselves with this organization that has the right foundation and core values, you can’t go wrong! I believe it’s the people here that make the best of, and pivot quickly, in challenging situations, and dominate in the good ones.

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