Medical Solutions Announces 2014 Idea Box Winners

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Omaha, Neb. (March 24, 2014) – Medical Solutions is pleased to congratulate the joint winners of our 2014 Idea Box promotion, Alicia R. and Alecia H. These two Medical Solutions Travelers each submitted the fabulous suggestion that we offer a better, more user-friendly way for Travelers to view their pay stubs.

Alicia and Alecia’s bright idea became a reality in March 2013, when Medical Solutions added an easily accessible pay summary that Travelers can view at their own personal page at On this versatile, paperless employee portal site, Medical Solutions Travelers can complete hire paperwork, store documents, complete checklists, review pay and benefits information, and receive important alerts from Medical Solutions.

“We’d like this site to function as a one-stop shop for our Travelers, because that’s what they want: a centralized place where they can easily manage their information. Adding the pay summary to the site saves Travelers time and offers even more convenience than before,” said Joel Tremblay, Vice President of Sales for Medical Solutions.

Many of Medical Solutions’ upgrades to improve customer experience are inspired by Traveler feedback and Idea Box submissions.

“Most of our improvements are based off of Traveler feedback, and this was another great idea that really stood out,” said Jeff Long, Medical Solutions Marketing Manager. “A couple other top Traveler ideas we’ve implemented recently are the $10 per week medical insurance premium and the launch of our online store, Stitches.”

Medical Solutions Idea Box Winners each receive a $100 Amazon gift card for their contributions. To submit your own suggestion to the Medical Solutions Idea Box, click here.

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