Earn More in Texas as a Travel Med Surg RN

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What Benefits are Med Surg Travel RNs Eligible For?

Day 1 Health Benefits
Medical, dental, and vision
Paid, Private Housing
Leave finding the right house for you, to us
Loyalty & Referral Bonuses
$600 loyalty bonuses and $500 referral bonuses
Licensure Reimbursement
Every license obtained on assignment you’ll be reimbursed for
24/7 Support
No matter the time of day we’re one phone call or text away
You get free access to our Employee Assistance Program

What is a Travel Med Surg Nurse Salary in Texas?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shares that the average salary for a registered nurse in Texas is $90,210. The salary of a travel nurse is determined by various aspects, including their specialty, level of education, the shifts they work, the kind of assignment they take, and overall demand. Because of their ability to quickly adapt and fill staffing shortages, med surg travel nurses often have the opportunity to earn more than permanent nurses in Texas where their skills are in high demand.

What Does a Medical Surgical RN Do?

Med surg nurses play a pivotal role in healthcare, offering extensive care to individuals with a variety of health issues. Their responsibilities encompass conducting detailed assessments of patients, managing medication administration, and supervising the recovery process post-surgery. Key tasks involve caring for wounds, educating patients, monitoring vital signs, and working in tandem with doctors and other health professionals to ensure a cohesive approach to meeting the healthcare needs of patients. In emergency scenarios, they quickly apply their specialized knowledge to stabilize patients.

Are Med Surg Nurses in High Demand in Texas?

Yes! Texas is currently facing a huge demand for nurses due to its geographical size, growing population, and surge of healthcare facilities being built across urban and rural areas to keep up with the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Where are Travel Med Surg Nurses Needed Most in Texas?

Texas is currently facing an increased need for RNs to ensure patients stay a top priority. Some of the areas in Texas that are in need of med surg nurses the most are the panhandle like Amarillo and Lubbock; south Texas such as Austin, San Antonio, and Round Rock; and north Texas like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tyler.