Earn More in Washington as a Travel Telemetry RN

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What Benefits are Tele Travel Nurses Eligible For?

Day 1 Health Benefits
Medical, dental, and vision
Paid, Private Housing
We’ll search and set up the perfect housing
Loyalty & Referral Bonuses
Unlimited $600 loyalty bonuses and $500 for every referral
Licensure Reimbursement
Get reimbursed for every license obtained on assignment
24/7 Support
Our support teams will be there for you day and night
Get free access to our Employee Assistance Program

What is a Telemetry Travel Nurse Salary in Washington?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the typical income for a registered nurse in Washington is $111,030. The income of a travel nurse can vary based on several factors, such as their area of specialty, educational background, the shift they work, the type of assignment they are on (for example, during strikes or emergencies), and the current demand for their skills. Travel nurses specializing in telemetry often earn more than their permanent counterparts in Washington due to their high demand and flexibility in addressing staffing shortages.

What Does a Telemetry Nurse Do?

The role of a telemetry nurse is to monitor and assess cardiac rhythms and vital signs in patients experiencing severe or critical medical conditions. This involves detailed work in setting up and interpreting electrocardiograms, spotting any irregularities, and swiftly responding in emergency situations to offer cardiac support or necessary interventions. Beyond cardiac monitoring, telemetry units also meticulously track patients’ blood pressure, respiratory rates, and oxygen saturation levels.

Are Telemetry Nurses in High Demand?

Telemetry nurses are currently in high demand in Washington due to several factors such as a shortage of nursing faculty, aging nurse workforce, an increasingly aging general population, and significant nurse burnout.

Where are Travel Tele Nurses Needed Most in Washington?

Washington state is facing a critical shortage of nurses, with a current ratio of 8.34 nurses per 1,000 residents. By 2030, the state will need 9,990 nurses to meet healthcare needs. The demand is high for telemetry RNs in areas across the state, including major western cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, and in the eastern region, notably Spokane.