• I only dealt with my recruiter at this company and she was the best. I always had a lot of questions and she was always available to answer them. Benefits like healthcare and a 401K plan are available to you. Pros Very attentive recruiter Cons Not that I can think of

  • Travel Nurse
    Travel Nurse

    Good company for travel nurse. Supporting staff responsive and efficient. Good pay and benefits. Recruiters at times can be a bit aggressive at trying to find you work sometimes out of your desired travel or area of expertise but I suppose its how everyone gets paid

  • Travel RN
    Travel RN

    Love my recruiter and how quick she responds back even when I may not respond as promptly. Always professional and checks in on me. Pay is very nice and explained easily on the breakdown of how it all works

  • Travel CDM
    Travel CDM

    What is the best part of working at the company? Good recruiters, excellent pay, open communication. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Relias testing, usually informed last minute when testing needs to be done. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? Assignments are Usually a challenge but not always, overall support is good. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Overall not bad. Some days are more challenging than others but your experience can change things for the better.

  • LPN

    I have been a nurse for 17yrs, This was my first travel assignment. The pay is fair, but I always got paid on time and no issues. My recruiter is still in touch with me and is always helpful. I would always work for this company, if I could.

  • Registered Nurse, BSN
    Registered Nurse, BSN

    Pros Great pay, amazing recruiters, flexibility, good benefits, no complaints. Cons There are no complaints for this company.

  • Registered Nurse
    Registered Nurse

    Pros Open Recruiters Great benefits Flexible with family emergencies 401k starting Cons May not negotiate the best price every time


    Pros I have worked with this agency on and off for several years. I’ve never had any complaints and my recruiter, Jeff Reece is my favorite recruiter ever to work with. Cons Travel nursing is travel nursing; no real cons that are the agency’s fault.

  • Pros: Good pay and contract options. Cons:Healthcare is holding on by a thread.

  • Travel RN
    Travel RN

    Pros: Recruiter always has my back, time efficient, dependable Cons: Lower pay compared to other companies

  • Pros: An amazing travel company to work for Cons: There are no cons to this company

  • Recruiter

    Pros: Uncapped commissions. No micro managing Cons: Can bring you down mentally sometimes Advice to Management: Keep on keeping on

  • Pros: Great representative, good feedback, prompt responses Cons: Low pay was the downfall

  • Pros: Great Pay, great benefits, excellent management Cons: There are no cons in this job.

  • Pros: Great money and flexibility with work Cons: Getting floated a lot and bad assignments

  • Travel Nurse
    Travel Nurse

    Pros: If you're looking to get into travel nursing, I highly recommend Medical Solutions. The recruiters make the process so easy and they are transparent with their pay. Cons: Pay variations depending on what's available

  • Pros: Awesome assignment and caring recruiter. Cons: Nothing about this company at all.

  • Pros: Professional, caring, reliable and kind. Cons: Lower pay then many other companies.

  • Pros: love having flexibility to choose when I work Cons: job is not permanent setting

  • Pros: Excellent company to work for. Cons: Nothing that I can think of.

  • Pros: I love, love, love my recruiter. He always finds me exactly the assignment I need when I need it. They have the most affordable benefits package of any travel company for a decent family plan. 100% would travel with my recruiter again. Cons: I’ve heard some recruiters are not as amazing as mine. The pay is a bit lower than some other big name agencies, but more than made up for with family benefit coverage/price.

  • Former Employee
    Former Employee

    Pros: The perks were great, good bonuses quarterly, nice management staff. Cons: Pay was okay, workload was very heavy though for what it is.

  • Pros: decent pay, good recruiter, pay stipends even if you miss a day due to sickness

  • Travel CNA
    Travel CNA

    Pros: Great Recruiter experience, Great Pay, Fast Onboarding process. Cons: Wish they had job opportunities in more states.

  • ICU, Travel RN
    ICU, Travel RN

    Pros: Work life balance, easy to contact recruiter Cons: Sometimes onboarding can be rough