Compensation satisfaction: Survey shows nurses’ perception of fair pay on the decline

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By gathering responses from registered nurses, the survey provides insights into crucial aspects influencing clinician recruitment and retention.

OMAHA, Neb. — Medical Solutions, which connects nurses and allied health clinicians with hospitals and healthcare systems, has released findings from its annual Voices of Care survey. One key finding reveals that only 42.8% of respondents feel they are paid fairly for the work they do.

The 2023 Voices of Care survey gathered responses in December 2023 from 7,117 registered nurses. This included traveling, permanent, and per diem nurses. The study uses survey responses to provide insights that can better inform healthcare facilities about characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of nurses.

In the overall comparison between Medical Solutions’ 2022 and 2023 survey, there was a notable 11% decrease in the number of respondents who agreed they are paid fairly for the work they do. Concurrently, 5% more respondents (24.2%) disagreed, which implies they believe they are not being paid fairly. Meanwhile, 33% replied neutral.

“Keeping our finger on the pulse of the viewpoints of nurses is absolutely essential, especially given the nursing shortage we are facing,” said Scott Armstrong, Vice President of Client Growth at Medical Solutions. “It’s about actively listening, responding to their needs, and ensuring the industry is doing everything possible to support the future of our nursing workforce.”

By leveraging these insights, healthcare organizations can tailor their recruitment and retention strategies to better meet the needs and expectations of their employees.

“Understanding nurses’ perspectives is vital for effective recruitment and retention strategies,” said Patti Artley, Chief Nursing Officer at Medical Solutions. “By addressing their concerns, facilities can lay the groundwork for stronger nursing teams and create environments where nurses thrive.”

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Kristin Dahl is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.